GreenME Sister projects

NATURELAB - Nature based interventions for improving health and well-being

NATURELAB is an EU-funded project that aims to go beyond the present knowledge of the positive impact nature-based solutions (NBS) offer to society. It has nature-based therapies (NBT) for common health, well-being and community resilience at its core. As a means of developing collaborative and interdisciplinary research, the study development will count on several experts from different fields while analysing diverse geographic areas in order to achieve a broader and holistic perspective.

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RESONATE - Building individual and community resilience through nature-based therapies

RESONATE is a Horizon Europe project that will bring together a consortium of world leaders in nature-based therapy (NbT) research, practice, policy, and innovation with stakeholders in the health, environmental, economic, and societal sectors.

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Sister-in-law project

RECETAS - Nature, wellbeing, connections in cities

RECETAS is an EU-funded project aiming at testing and evaluating Nature-Based Social Prescribing across Europe, Latin America, and Australia. It analyses, understands, and evaluates how nature in the city can promote social interaction, help combat loneliness and improve the health and mental well-being of city dwellers.

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