Here are some tips and suggestions for you to consider:

  • Take a mindful walk in natural settings
  • Connect with the Earth by walking barefoot on grass or soil, grounding yourself and promoting mental balance
  • Bring nature in your home nurturing plants to create a calming atmosphere
  • Share your nature experiences with friends, creating connections and promoting a collective appreciation for the benefits of nature
  • Take a hike! Go out of the city and look out for wildlife
  • Pursue hobbies that connect you with nature, such as birdwatching, hiking, or photography, for a fulfilling mental escape.
  • Listen to nature sounds, such as birdsong or flowing water, to create a soothing auditory backdrop for relaxation
  • Engage in art or crafts inspired by nature, channeling your creativity for positive mental expression
  • Find nature around you and Connect with it through all your senses
  • Visit natural places – green spaces like parks, gardens or forests – or blue spaces like the beach, rivers and wetlands
  • Grow your own vegetables and plant wildflower seeds
  • Protect nature by recycling, joining community conservation or clean-up groups.
  • Exercise in nature and find routes that brings you to green spaces or water.
  • Meditate in nature, enjoy the sunrise or the sunset while listening to birdsong or the sounds of waves.