Therapeutic horticulture: preserving memories, soothing minds

In the world of therapeutic horticulture (TH), plants hold a special power to evoke memories and soothe souls. Shared by Eva Creus, a dedicated member of the Spanish Association of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture and Gardening, this approach goes beyond just growing plants—it’s about keeping precious memories alive.

“In therapeutic horticulture, people find comfort and connection with plants, even if they can’t access outdoor gardens” says Eva. She transforms indoor spaces into vibrant havens where everyone can participate, no matter their mobility or living situation.

For Eva and others like her, this is more than a job—it’s a heartfelt mission to nurture people’s spirits through plants. Under Eva’s guidance, participants rediscover the joy of caring for plants that hold special meaning to them.

A touching example of therapeutic horticulture’s impact is seen in the story of a grieving widower, Eva shared. Initially unable to bear having plants around after his wife’s death, horticulture helped him find peace and reconnect with memories of her love for gardening

And so it is that plants have become vessels of memory, a means of preserving the essence of a life well lived and offering comfort in difficult times, a source of healing and remembrance for all those involved.