UrbanFarm 2024 challenge

Cross-cultural collaboration and innovation are at the heart of the ambitious joint venture between the University of Bologna and the Swedish Agricultural University – SLU. This year, under the stewardship of esteemed professors Francesco Orsini, Giuseppina Pennisi, Anna Maria Palsdottir, and others, students embark on a transformative journey within the realm of urban agriculture. 

The focal point of their endeavour? The UrbanFarm2024 International Student Challenge, a collaborative effort to develop an urban agriculture project within a Swedish prison in Trelleborg. 

More than just an academic exercise, this challenge is rooted in a commitment to holistic well-being, with a special emphasis on the welfare of inmates and staff.

As part of this immersive experience, students paid a visit to Sweden from April 28th to May 4th, exploring a myriad of urban and peri-urban agricultural projects, including those centred around horticultural therapy practices.

With its blend of international cooperation, hands-on learning, and a dedication to community welfare, the UrbanFarm2024 challenge promises to be a cornerstone of sustainability and social impact. 

More here https://site.unibo.it/urban-farm/en/urbanfarm2024